Floor Zero Studios
AH: Episode 5

Armour Hunt Episode 5 is now up (AH: Ep 5) and I may have developed arachophobia as a result. Can’t think of anything interesting to say, so yeah, go watch and enjoy.

Armour Hunt Episode 4 and more videos!

The release of episode 4 of my Minecraft LP (here) is the start of my ‘get some damn work done’ period, with 5 different videos ready in my computer, just waiting to be uploaded when I see fit, and with some more free time now exams are over (for the time being) the number of videos you’ll be seeing should be going up.

I’ll also probably be using this (Tumblr) more to update you about video releases and stuff. So you’ll be hearing a lot more from me, lucky you. (Sarcasm)


Hello Tumblr, It’s Zac here from Floor Zero Studios, I have recently decided that using websites like this would be a good way of promoting us, so, I got over my dislike of social networking sites and the likes and made this.

Here I will be posting updates about stuff we’re getting up to and letting you know whenever we upload new videos at our YouTube, youtube.com/floorzerostudios, so yeah, that’s about it.

Umm… Talk to you later, or something.