Floor Zero Studios
Updates and Videos

Hello people of the internet! I’ve got some more updates for you!

1) Minecraft: Armour Hunt Episode 12 is now up [here]. Still having problems getting videos on the website before youtube, so it’ll be a bit later, like normal.

2) Fletch has uploaded Episode 3 of his Mass Effect 3 LP [here].

3) I will soon be starting a ‘Let’s Build’ series in Minecraft in which I’ll be making a parkour/adventure map.

4) The previously mentioned Generations and DMC: HD LPs coming soon.

That’s about it, talk to you later guys.

New video here, me and Fletch playing Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 in a 1-on-1-versus-fighting-games-competition type thing.

But who will win!? Watch and find out.

More videos at youtube.com/floorzerostudios.