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So, I finally got the Devil May Cry: HD Collection and playing it is so awesome, because I have such fond memories of spending my entire childhood playing it, and now you get to join in, the first episode of my LP is [here].

Also, episode 3 of Versus is up, I’m putting them out a bit faster than other videos, for two reasons; 1) I’m making up for the massive delay and 2) I’m currently not at school, however, I will be returning soon, so my video making time will decrease a lot, so I’m trying to make as many as I can while I have the chance. So, anyway, you can find that video [here].

As always, remember to check out the website for updates about all sorts of stuff. [here]

And I will talk to you guys later.

Updates and Videos

Hello people of the internet! I’ve got some more updates for you!

1) Minecraft: Armour Hunt Episode 12 is now up [here]. Still having problems getting videos on the website before youtube, so it’ll be a bit later, like normal.

2) Fletch has uploaded Episode 3 of his Mass Effect 3 LP [here].

3) I will soon be starting a ‘Let’s Build’ series in Minecraft in which I’ll be making a parkour/adventure map.

4) The previously mentioned Generations and DMC: HD LPs coming soon.

That’s about it, talk to you later guys.

Lots of News!

Okay, so, haven’t posted in a while so, lots of news… Better get on with it…

Firstly! Episode 8 of Minecraft Armour Hunt went up about 2 weeks ago or something, forgot to post about that… But that doesn’t really matter because… Watch [here]

Secondly! Episode 9 of Minecraft Armour Hunt was uploaded about 2 days ago, and I was joined by a special guest this time… Ooo… Who could it be…? Just a friend… Watch [here]

Thirdly! Fletch has started playing Mass Effect 3, personally, I haven’t watched it yet… Probably should have… It’s more than likely going to be good though. Watch [here]

And finally, our website [here] has been revamped, so it would be awesome if you’d go check it out.

And that’s all, thanks for reading.

Talk to you later.

An update on Versus

Hey guys, Zac here, just wanted to give you an update on the Versus series. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, as you can probably guess from how long it’s been since the first episode. But anyway, here it is, as I’ve mentioned previously, episode 2 was being edited by Fletch, however, he had some problems with it and so it was delayed, eventually we got annoyed at how long it was taking so he sent the footage to me to edit, I also am having major issues with it. I have no idea why it won’t work but I’m hopefully going to have it fixed soon…ish…

So yeah, sorry for the delay, hopefully it’ll be uploaded soon.

Talk to you later.

2 New Videos!

And here it is, proof of what my previous post was about, we haven’t done two videos in one day for absolutely ages.

Firstly I’ll mention my new video, I’ve exited the block like of Minecraftaria to take a more super-human journey in DC Universe Online, the free to play MMORPG based around, as you should probably have guessed, the DC universe. The video is quite long, but, given that it’s the first episode, and it’s the tutorial level, I’m sure you can forgive me. [DCUO Episode 1]

The other video marks the return of Fletch to the land of Skyrim! Not that he went anywhere, he just hasn’t made a video in a while. But anyway, I don’t really have much to say about this one, given that I had nothing to do with it, so I’ll just say, go watch, it’s good. [Skyrim Episode 3]

Well, that’s all for now, talk type to you later.

New video here, me and Fletch playing Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 in a 1-on-1-versus-fighting-games-competition type thing.

But who will win!? Watch and find out.

More videos at youtube.com/floorzerostudios.


Hello Tumblr, It’s Zac here from Floor Zero Studios, I have recently decided that using websites like this would be a good way of promoting us, so, I got over my dislike of social networking sites and the likes and made this.

Here I will be posting updates about stuff we’re getting up to and letting you know whenever we upload new videos at our YouTube, youtube.com/floorzerostudios, so yeah, that’s about it.

Umm… Talk to you later, or something.