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So, yeah, you may have noticed that I haven’t been very active at all. Basically, I lost motivation, and now we’ve decided to go a different way with this whole thing, and have moved to Facebook, so, from now on, all the updates will be done through that.

Farewell Tumblr.

So… Yeah…

So… Yeah…It’s been a while…

A reason; well, recently I’ve been having issues with editing and recording videos, and basically, this has resulted in me losing the momentum that I’d gained recently.

Just letting you know the reason that I’ve not been very active at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to resolve the problems and start uploading again soon.

Though, I will say, there’s a special video coming soon (Whenever Fletch uploads it), so look out for that.

Later guys.


So, I finally got the Devil May Cry: HD Collection and playing it is so awesome, because I have such fond memories of spending my entire childhood playing it, and now you get to join in, the first episode of my LP is [here].

Also, episode 3 of Versus is up, I’m putting them out a bit faster than other videos, for two reasons; 1) I’m making up for the massive delay and 2) I’m currently not at school, however, I will be returning soon, so my video making time will decrease a lot, so I’m trying to make as many as I can while I have the chance. So, anyway, you can find that video [here].

As always, remember to check out the website for updates about all sorts of stuff. [here]

And I will talk to you guys later.


Versus Episode 2! Finally! Woo! Yeah!

So, yeah, I got new editing software, which means, not only will all of my videos be edited better, but I also can now fix the problem with Versus Episode 2, and as such, it is now up on youtube [here].

The first episode of my new series, Generations: Online Battles is also out [here].

And also, Fletch has uploaded episode 4 of his Mass Effect 3 LP [here].

And finally, Minecraft: Armour Hunt Episode 13 will be up soon, but my internet is being slow today and I wanted to update you all. So yeah, that’ll be up soon, then you can find it on our youtube channel [here] or on our website [here].

Talk to you later guys.

Updates and Videos

Hello people of the internet! I’ve got some more updates for you!

1) Minecraft: Armour Hunt Episode 12 is now up [here]. Still having problems getting videos on the website before youtube, so it’ll be a bit later, like normal.

2) Fletch has uploaded Episode 3 of his Mass Effect 3 LP [here].

3) I will soon be starting a ‘Let’s Build’ series in Minecraft in which I’ll be making a parkour/adventure map.

4) The previously mentioned Generations and DMC: HD LPs coming soon.

That’s about it, talk to you later guys.

Upcoming Videos and AH #11

Episode 11 of the Minecraft Armour Hunt is now up, [here], and I’m alone once again.

And while I did say that I’d be uploading videos to our website before youtube from now on, there has been issues with that so, for now, we’ll continue to do it as before.

Another thing worth mentioning, is this; I will soon be getting two new games, Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations and Devil May Cry: HD Collection, when they are released in Europe, so you can be expecting some videos on them.

DMC: HD will be getting a standard LP series, but for Generations I think I might do online battles with commentary, mainly because I’ve heard the story mode sucks.

So yeah, look forward to those.

Talk to you later guys.

Less News Than Last Time!

Right, let’s get straight into it, after about a month break (not by choice) I finally uploaded episode 2 of my LP of DC Universe Online, and, well, it has LAZORZ, can’t really think of anything else I can say that will make you want to watch it more than that. Watch [here]

Secondly, episode 10 of the Minecraft Armour Hunt is up, still have a special guest in this one, which is good, you get to hear some more insults being thrown my way… Watch [here]

But the biggest bit of news that I wanted to give you is that I am now putting all of my videos (only Armour Hunt currently) on the Floor Zero website [here] and they will also (mostly) be going up a few days before they go on youtube, so you now have the chance to catch them early. I’ll be posting here when the videos go up on the site and not youtube from now on though, so if you don’t want to watch on the site, you’ll have to just wait for a couple of days after you see these posts.

Talk to you later guys.

Lots of News!

Okay, so, haven’t posted in a while so, lots of news… Better get on with it…

Firstly! Episode 8 of Minecraft Armour Hunt went up about 2 weeks ago or something, forgot to post about that… But that doesn’t really matter because… Watch [here]

Secondly! Episode 9 of Minecraft Armour Hunt was uploaded about 2 days ago, and I was joined by a special guest this time… Ooo… Who could it be…? Just a friend… Watch [here]

Thirdly! Fletch has started playing Mass Effect 3, personally, I haven’t watched it yet… Probably should have… It’s more than likely going to be good though. Watch [here]

And finally, our website [here] has been revamped, so it would be awesome if you’d go check it out.

And that’s all, thanks for reading.

Talk to you later.

An update on Versus

Hey guys, Zac here, just wanted to give you an update on the Versus series. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, as you can probably guess from how long it’s been since the first episode. But anyway, here it is, as I’ve mentioned previously, episode 2 was being edited by Fletch, however, he had some problems with it and so it was delayed, eventually we got annoyed at how long it was taking so he sent the footage to me to edit, I also am having major issues with it. I have no idea why it won’t work but I’m hopefully going to have it fixed soon…ish…

So yeah, sorry for the delay, hopefully it’ll be uploaded soon.

Talk to you later.

AH: Episode 7

Minecraft Armour Hunt episode 7 is now up, you can find it here (Episode 7).

Also, I said in the episode that I’d have the next episode of my DC Universe Online LP up at the same time as this MC episode, however, Steam is being annoying again and so I couldn’t do so.

So yeah, that episode will be up whenever Steam starts working.

Talk to you later.